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Two zone - fridge extension

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  • Two zone - fridge extension

    Hi all. Has anyone had any experience with this product?

    Any good?

    I am deciding between the 40L engel which will be fine for most trips but perhaps a bit small for longer trips with family of four.

    This could be a flexible solution

    Any thought appreciated.
    Crusade, Summit Bar, Dobinsons Monotube, BFG AT.

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    I have no experience with these, but from looking at them in the past I was concerned with the extra weight up higher (engels can topple easily if not secured down anyway), plus would always basically have the Engel set to freezer (or damn cold) to make up for the extra volume it will have to cool down so would be using more power. Also the price of them puts them nearer to the larger Engel generally anyway, so I would go the larger if you could afford to.

    We ended up going with the 40 and then for really long trips, we ended up getting a second 40 so took two fridges with us. Then we got a small caravan so now don't need both . Oh well we use them at home as well so not wasted.



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      thanks for the feedback.. yeah i am thinking the 40 as dont want to cart around a bigger fridge the rest of the time when i dont need it

      but something like this could save me buying a second fridge to use as you have described.. anyway will have a think about it
      Crusade, Summit Bar, Dobinsons Monotube, BFG AT.


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        The Bushman is a ~40L fridge which comes stock with this extension idea, might be what you are after:



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          They look very much like the original Engels did years ago!
          If anywhere near as reliable they would be a great product.



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            FYI Waco has a 2 zone fridge which can be used as a single, multiple both as fridge or both as freezer. Great for long trips.



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              I started with a 40 Engel & found it a bit small for longer trips away from shops. So I went up to a 50 dual zone Waeco; the most trouble I found with this was trying to keep the freezer items & fridge items at reasonable temps, without freezing one & or thawing out the other, but again a bit small. Now I've got an Evakool 60 litre & find the size quite okay.

              A mate on a recent trip took his Evakool which had 2 separate compartments, both with separate lids. One side he'd use for chilling food & beer, the other side he'd use as a freezer for his meat & snags. Can't remember the size of it, maybe 60lts?? One side was 35lts & the other 25lts. And, he could actually swap which side he wanted to chill & freeze, as both compartments had their own temp gauges & own lids.

              The only downside was the outer dimensions size of it. He had it in another mates Prado which took up a fair bit of cargo space. It'd use more space in a Fortuner.

              For what its worth, keep in mind you're 4, & you may not always be passing by shops to top up supplies on longer more remote trips. 40lts may not be enough. Maybe you can rent a fridge for a weekend trip or borrow a mates, to see how you go, before you buy.