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  • Solar panels

    Xmas present I got the Korr Lighting 120w folding soft solar panels.

    Should be enough for my power needs and appears to be quite well made

    I was pleased to see it (just) fits in the windscreen. Although you lose a fair bit of efficiency behind glass I thought this would be handy for those times when you just need to leave the car unattended for a short while and don't want to leave the solar panel out of the car for security reasons.. will see how it goes even if it just breaks even on the current draw for that time.

    Will test out over an upcoming trip.
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    I just got a Primus 120W solar kit ( and think it should be good. I have not used it yet but hoping it will work out well for my 130 Amp hour battery and keep us off the grid for a week or 2 I hope.


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      It all depends on what accessories you run. A 120 watt solar panel should generate somewhere around 5ah if you say it will get 8 hours of good sunlight that will be 40 amps. So depending on your total amp draw from your accessories over a period of 24 hours it needs to be 40 amps or under for you to be able to stay in the one place for a week or 2 and that’s if the weather is good the whole time and you move your panels to face the sun


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        Nice stuff you got there, mate.