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Camp Trailer for Family of 6

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  • Camp Trailer for Family of 6

    Gday all I have been off of the forum for a while, but when we had first bought our fortuner we had 2 kids now we have four. It’s not ideal for four but it’s ok. Our dilemma now is camping we have very little storage space. We have a 470L roof pod and full rhino roof rack. We were thinking for camping now we will need a camper trailer. We would like to buy Australian. Does anyone tow a camper trailer? I would like a fully raised camper and take our turbo 300 for the older kids but wife likes the idea of a camper big enough for all of us. What say you all?

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    my vote is a camper trailer , with an annex for the two older kids to hang out in . there are numerous camper trailers available nowadays , i would visit a caravan and outdoors expo for your state to see what would be suitable.
    2016 GX , in White


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      Good thinking on the expo. Cheers.


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        Camp trailer is the best!


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          Agree with White One. After 20yrs in tents, I got a 2nd hand 2007 A-frame Avan Camper trailer (road model). Meets my needs & is a solid unit. No problems towing with the Fortuner, but had to get tow mirrors. People on the Avan forum who've bought anything new that's branded Avan, & even those with fairly new 2nd hand ones, complain about quality of the product. I think mine's ok cause being older, quality was better.

          Another thing to think about is that the weights stamped on the vans compliance plate are accurate. This is another common issue with any caravan or camper trailer. There's also long delays with buying anything new. If you order it now, you'd be lucky to get it in 6 months. And be mindful of your GVM & GCM weights.

          Good luck with whatever brand you go with.