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    I'm getting old and a bit forgetful and sometimes I put things down and forget where I put them especially keys. With this in mind I thought what would happen if I did this with my car keys when away from home where I have a spare key. My thought was to consider the old trick of hiding the spare key somewhere on the outside of the car but a Fortuner key fob is not just a small key it's quite a large remote unit which I need to use to press the start button. However, considering the electronics involved within the fob, what I have done is wrap the remote unit in Glad wrap and then insert it into an old bicycle inner tube. I then tied both ends firmly with cable ties. Before tying off each end I inserted a heavy duty cable tie through the body of the inner tube to provide a securing system to attach to the car. I won't tell you where I attached it to the car other than to say it is hidden from direct contact from rain but I would appreciate comment in regard to what I have done and in particular to the issue of sensitive electronics inside the key fob being exposed to outside temperatures, possible corrosion etc. Would this be detrimental to the future use of this key fob? Does anyone have a better suggestion to overcome this problem?

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    thats one way to do it , another way to install a hidden switch which will unlock the doors from outside , then you can hide the spare fob inside somewhere
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      DOH!! And now anyone can come and open your car at any time they wish.
      On the front doors there are push buttons on the handles to lock and unlock.
      The key fobs only need to be within 1 meter of the car when the buttons are pressed for the car to be locked and unlocked.

      You'll also find that when you do need the fob it wont work because the batteries inside will be flat. The fob turns itself on when within range of the car. Next time you drive look at the flashing LED on your fob.
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        If you have the GXL or Crusade with the keyless entry and start, you could try using the mechanical key that is inside the fob to unlock the car after it has been locked keylessly (with the fob part nowhere near the car) and if that works you could block the signal to/from your fob by keeping it in a metal box inside the car so it doesn't prevent you from locking the car and just keep the mechanical key part hidden somewhere outside your car.


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          In section 3-2 of the Owners Manual, it discusses the Electronic Key Battery-Saving Function for Smart Entry equipped cars. It directs you to press the unlock button twice whilst pressing and holding the lock button. Confirmation is by the electronic key indicator (upper RH corner of lock button) flashing 4 times. To cancel this function, just press any key button.

          Doing this will extend the battery life of the electronic key as this stops the key from receiving the radio waves from the security module inside the car. I set my spare electronic key this way to preserve its battery.

          Now your key's battery life is extended, and also the car is more secure as no one can "relay hack" their way into your car as the electronic key won't respond. - perfect!
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