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Legal Modifications in NSW ?

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  • Legal Modifications in NSW ?

    Hi all

    I saw a news article that Police have been targeting illegally modified 4x4's in QLD.

    I also saw a social media post that police on Northern Beaches of Sydney are doing similar.

    Has anyone found a good reference for what is legal in NSW? I understand there are differences between NSW and QLD so only interested in NSW here

    any links appreciated

    The best I have found is the below.

    My reading of that article gives me the impression that up to 75mm is Ok in NSW which includes both the suspension and tyre height.

    I have 50mm lift plus gone up from 265/65/17 to 265/70/17 which the tyre is a whole one inch greater in diameter than stock (which is just over 25mm) but given this is the diameter (top to bottom) it would only be half of this that adds to the height of the vehicle of 12.5mm... therefore a total of 62.5 MM so all good.

    anyone who knows more about it than me able to confirm this is correct?

    Crusade, Summit Bar, Dobinsons Monotube, BFG AT.