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Fortuner 2013 Head Unit software uodate ?

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  • Fortuner 2013 Head Unit software uodate ?


    yesterday my battery unfortunately died, the mechanic came, tried to start the car and changed the battery straight away. As I know now, he should have waited for 10minutes until the board computer shut down because now the file system seems corrupted.
    The multimedia head unit wont start any more.

    When I start the car, the unit says: 'E17 please insert correct storage media' - there is and was no usb device attached to the unit.
    We tried already to restart the system but no success

    The head uint is a Panasonic PZ071 00A17 ID A

    We live in Bali and as some of you might know, some things are a little more complicated here. They want to send the head unit to Jakarta and maybe they can fix it there ??!?!?!

    Is there any way do download and instal the firmware of the head unit by myself? I'm sure if I leave it up to Toyota it will take a while and it's not even sure if it will be successful...
    Thanks in advance for every suggestion