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  • Exhaust upgrade

    Hey all, I’m new to this forum so not sure if this topics been covered.
    we have just bought a new fortuner so I’m not to familiar with it.
    i am wanting to upgrade my exhaust but don’t know what brand or diameter.
    any suggestions would be great

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    Mate I think you will achieve nothing by altering the tail pipe and muffler ( that's all there is to alter on these) as the restriction through the cat converter and dpf are substantial. Off road stuff you could remove the cat converter and dpf maybe put a bigger pipe on , but to be street legal you can't do this. For a low revving small bore engine the exhaust is pretty free flowing now from the dpf back. Not really worth the effort. My opinion anyway for what it's worth.


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      Hi Ya. I think dividd is right. From what I recall reading 18 months ago in one of those email magazines I get, the"experts" said you shouldn't play with the exhaust. I think that particular Issue mag looked at mods you could do across a number of the newer engines to improve longevity and performance. Leaving the DPF alone seemed loud and clear. Sorry, but I can't remember the e-Magazine's name or issue number, but it did make for interesting reading at the time. Catch cans, aftermarket oil coolers, maybe engine chipping were thought okay by some.


      • davidd
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        Quite right mate. The DPF has totally destroyed the enjoyment of owning a car. It is a pain in the **** and achieves absolutely bloody nothing.

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      Thanks guys, I will look at chipping it


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        Andy, just be careful with chipping or ECU re-mapping...and exhaust upgrade. If you do "anything" to alter the vehicle power and something goes wrong in the engine and drive chain, Toyota won't help you. I wanted to do the ECU re-map and exhaust upgrade but will wait until i'm out of warranty. For what it's wort - the Toyota mechanic in Brendale (Torque Toyota) reckons a 2.5" exhaust is as big as he'd go. I was looking at a 3".


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          Did either of you go to an dpf back exhaust upgrade in the end? I have seen a few qld exhaust mobs saying 2 3/4 is the biggest size recommend.