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Towing with a Fortuner Crusade 2019 2.8d

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  • Towing with a Fortuner Crusade 2019 2.8d

    Hi I’m new to this forum and are waiting for my new Cursade to arrive.
    I have a Ford Teritory AWD diesel which will be traded and Tow a 2100kg loaded tandem 20foot van .
    They are similar in torque 440nm for the Ford and Toyota Fortuner 450nm
    so probable a bit late now but what are they like towing a similar van to ours?
    hopping there a great tow vehicle?
    Cheers Goodi
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    Is there a recommended run in period for the Fortuner before hooking up a van . Being a retired Mechanic I was thinking 1500km would be a good starting point.


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      I purchased my Fortuner GLX back in November and towed my Coromal 502 from Sydney to Gold Coast and return, I previously had a 2006 RWD petrol Territory which pulled the van effortlessly. The Coromal is only 1360 Kg ATM so the Fortuner towed it relatively easily most of the time. The Fortuner did seem to loose momentum quickly when climbing hills so needs to be dropped down a gear or two, paddle shift makes this very easy, I occasionally selected the 'POWER' mode which provided a very responsive climb of any hills. I am looking at upgrading to a heavier 4WD caravan also at around 2500kg so am also keen to see how a heavier van is pulled by the Fortuner. I average about 8.2/8.4 Litres per 100 klm between Windsor and Penrith and even up to Broke via St Albans and return along Putty Road. When towing the van during XMAS averaged about 15L per 100klms, normally sitting on the 100 kph on the open roads.
      Main disappointment for me was that I always seemed to only be able to use about 60 litres of the 80 litre tank.


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        Thanks for the feed back, I’m hoping it will pull my 2100kg van ok. The Territory diesel towed it well and retuned an average of 14.5 to 16.0 sitting on 95. We did look at the Imux but found it very dated inside and very jittery in the rear end.
        But they have a great fuel reputation.
        Cheers Goodi

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        Hi Sorry Tod but my findings are if you tow at that weight 2500kg you will never see 5th or 6th gear

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      OK I have picked up my new fortuner it's now run in and about to go on a 7000k tow trip via inland qld and back via the coast. It has 2500k on the clock so should be run in enough to tow. I have just done a 100k tow test and was very pleased, 13lts per 100 sitting on 100k on relative flat freeway. And about 15ltrs per 100 at 80 to 90kph on rolling​​ Hills and tight corners so far very good.Ave for the 100k was 14ltrs. The van is a tandem full size 20ft grand tourer and about 2000kg level rides are on the lowest setting. I will report back after the trip.


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        Ps I can manage to get 70ltrs in if I run it to zero or smack on empty on the guage with the computer saying 20km range left.


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          Well I'm on my holiday to Qld via inland to Winton
          So far the car handles well towing my 2100kg tandem axle van nice and stable even up to 120kph
          1. The Flappy paddles and sports mode are next to useless
          As you can not force a higher gear from what I can work out they only force a down shift
          2. The engine and car is quite capable of towing the van but 5th and 6th gears are way to higher geared trying to hold 5th 1800rpm at 105kph. If a hill appears it will go into 4th and pull 2800rpm at 105kph.
          I think Toyota has stuffed up a potentially great tow car.
          ​​​​And left me with a big decision on whether to keep the car and it is only 4000km young
          The car will not change into 5th lock up when towing unless we sit on 105kph and then it will change into 5th but only on relatively flat roads.

          Fuel economy is about 14 to 15 ltrs per 100 while in 5th.
          With a head wind you can not get into 5th gear resulting in 17ltr or more per 100 and 90kph.

          So Far my findings are very disappointing
          57k for car that does not make the towing grade

          If you pick a Toyota Fortuner
          Be prepared for a choppy ride that settles a bit when towing.
          And don't look at towing anything greater that 1800kg
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            Further more 6th gear is so high that on rolling hills light car at 105 to 110 kph it is continueing changing 6th then 5th then 6th then 5th then 6th
            So I end up trying to lock it into 5th to stop the enouance.


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              So don't get me wrong it can tow very well 4s is what the prado is recommend to tow in and the Fortuner has the same ratios and tows well in 4th lock up but 90kph is 2200 rpm 95 2450 rpm 16ltr per 100
              85 about 2100 and was Ave 13lt per hundred