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Connecting a WOLO Bad Boy horn to my HiLux

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  • Connecting a WOLO Bad Boy horn to my HiLux


    My Fortuner (HiLux in Oz) has two horns as I could tell behind the grill

    I want to install the Wolo Horn It is a better louder than stock horn

    Since my HiLux has 2 horns, the WOLO being one horn, how can I do this ?

    Should I connect both positive wires (both horns) to the relay ?

    Or do I use only one wire from
    one stock horn and ignore the other one ?

    About the relay, do these Toyotas use relays for these horns ?

    If the stock relay is 30 amp as the accessory horn relay , then I would only need connect the new horn without using the relay that comes with the horn (new)

    Any advise is appreciated
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    It will come down to how many amps the new horn draws to how many amps the current circuit is set up for.

    putting both positive wires on the new horn will not hurt it and is a bit of insurance that it will take as much current flow as possible. Otherwise you can get a bit of voltage drop in the circuit.


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      Horn with connectors.pdf

      here is the horn wiring diagram so you can see how its wired up. I would not add any extra load to the already thin factory wiring. Use the relay which came with the new horns , fed from another fuse and thicker wiring , and trigger it from the existing horn wires ( the black or gray to the relay ).
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