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close to buying a fortuner but have a couple of questions

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  • close to buying a fortuner but have a couple of questions

    Hi Fortuners,
    Seriously considering buying a 2019 Fortuner GLX. Couple of questions for you, the brains trust. 1. Can you remove the 3rd row seats? 2. Anyone here driven Fortuner on Aus snow/ice roads? How does it go? Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Lots have removed 3rd row seats themselves or professionally being replaced with rear drawers. If you type '3rd row seats' into the search box, you'll see the respective posts.


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      the 3rd row seats are fairly easy to remove , there is one bolt which is tricky to access but once that is out the rest is easy. Ive not driven mine on snow but i'm sure it will be fine , you can engage 4WD high providing the surface has some "give"

      keep the 3rd row seats in case you ever resell the car , its hard to get a roadworthy without them
      2019 GX , in White


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        Hi Kappy854!

        I've taken the Fortuner to the Vic High Country during snow season twice now and it performs fine. The 4wd system in any modern Toyota is excellent and well tuned. You won't have any issues. I was still using the Dunlop Grandtrek OEM tyers at the time and they went OK.


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          Yes, 3rd row of seats can be removed, there is an excellent tutorial here. I took them out in the first weekend and never put them back. It gets very roomy.

          I have a friend that goes to Mt. Buller in winter, he has snow rated tyres on his 4tuner, it performs great. In my case, I have used it on wet slippery roads where it handles very well.


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            Very easy to remove the 3rd row seats . I just did it now for the first time. Took both out in half hour using a Head torch and I borrowed a socket thing from my neighbour. I found a great step by step on this page . Also I intend to take the kids sking this year and have full trust in my fortuner getting us there