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Fortuner Crusade 14 mths on review

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  • Fortuner Crusade 14 mths on review

    So 14 mths on and I’m very happy with the car and finally got use to the stiff ride which can be a bit jittery on some roads, so tyre pressures light car set at 32Front and 29 rear does help a fair bit.
    .The Fortuner it does tow well ,nice and stable just a pity the ratios of 5th and 6th were not made closer to 4th. It pulls very well with the 450nm of torque so you can drive it easily on the first half of the throttle with out having to rev it out. It has nice mid rage power and no flat spots. The Fortuner turns nicely into flowing corners with very little or any lean as there steering and handling dynamics are very good.
    I have not had any reliability issues or PDF issues at all . The front discs are huge and 4 spot calipers so braking is amazing . I have also been amazed how good the Fortuner is off road it is very very good. and happy with my choice now.
    There is no perfect 4x4 suv out
    I will be sticking with Fortuner.
    Regards Goodi
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