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  • Towing vibration

    Wondering if anyone else has experienced vibrations at pull off when towing a load such as a caravan or boat or in my case a jayco swan outback. Seems to only happen when the rear of the vehicle is loaded up and sagging. I have seen the vibration issues relating to suspension lifts and spacing the center bearing on the tail shaft but have seen nothing about anyone experiencing a similar issue when towing? Issue disappears at about 35 -40KPH

    2020 GXL with stock suspension.

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    Have a 2015 GX with 35mm old man emu suspension upgrade, & tow an Avan cruiseliner without any issues.


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      I had a similar issue when towing a nose heavy camper which was not mine about 1800tare and lots weight on the ball wich sages the tuner down by about 50mm at the rear and I had some tail shaft vibrations Trying to take off from rest. Note with stardard springs.
      I reg tow a 2100kg 19.5 foot van but that is balanced better with WDH and no issues at all. Note the rear is not saged at all.
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        too much rear end sag causes tail shaft vibrations.
        I fitted airbags for towing and problem went away.


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          Thanks all. I have since fitted airbags and this has resolved the issue.


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            Has the ride changed much with the air bags fitted
            When towing and when not towing.
            I had a Territory with air bags and it was a firmer ride towing bumpier and when empty and the bags set at there min pressure you could notice it harsher.


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              For me there is a noticeable change when unloaded but nothing too harsh in my book I’m running 10psi can drop to 5 . The ride in the back when towing was way too soft and saggy and the suspension would even bottom out if the bump was harsh enough. With Airbags it feels much better imho. Likely safer as well as the car is now more level too.