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Tracking auto trans fluid temperature using scangauge ii

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  • Tracking auto trans fluid temperature using scangauge ii

    Hi - just picked up a Scangauge II on the back of recommendations in the forum; keen to set for ATF temperature but unsure of the code settings. Have looked on the Scangauge website but can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Can anyone advise the code settings?

    Thanks SJ

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    I posted the codes up on this site some years back , i'll see if i can find them again. Ive been told they dont work on the 21 model Tunas which use a different ECU from what i can find
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      torque convertor

      Txd o7dfo178
      Rxf 054106780000
      Rxd 3810
      Mth 0001000affd8

      TXD 07DF0178
      RXF 032100000000
      RXD 2010
      MTH 0001000AFFD8
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      • Speckled Jim
        Speckled Jim
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        White One - thanks for those - are the settings for DPF for showing whether regen is in progress or is it something else i.e. Soot Load %?

        Cheers SJ

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      Maybe contact scan gauge? A couple of times got onto them with questions & found them quite helpful.


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        Thanks all - I found I was looking at the Yankee site rather than Scangauge Australia - made a difference. Have loaded the X Gauge for ATF temperature, TCL on/off, DPF Soot Load and RGN Regen (soot load is currently 22% so I'm assuming that once it gets to 100% the RGN will indicate something whilst the burn is in progress (it doesn't show anything at the moment).

        Reading some interesting posts about monitoring exhaust and DPF temperatures, trying to sort out in my mind if there's benefit for me in doing so.

        The ATF reading I've set is for the pan; appreciate advice if this is ok or should I set it for the temperature at the TC?

        Thanks SJ


        • Spook1205
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          Monitoring EGT2 is beneficial to some as it will indicate a failing Catalyst. This temp needs to reach at least 580 deg and higher at end of the regen cycle.
          Monitoring Particulate percentage is useful as if it’s towards the end of the burn you can let it burn out by holding about 1800 rpm rather than switch car off and it has to then heat up again next driving cycle.
          Or don’t worry about any of it and just enjoy driving the car.

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        pan temperature is usually ok , to my knowledge its not good for the trans once the oil temps get above 110deg or so. TC temps are usually a bit higher that the pan temps and if you are going to do a large amount of towing its best to install an additional transmission cooler
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          Trans Cooler going in today - ECU remap happening next week. Appreciate the advice, thanks all!