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Greetings from Indonesia

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  • Greetings from Indonesia

    Want to say hi to my fellow Fortuner owners.

    My 4x2 2.4A/T arrived last September, and been enjoying this car much better than expected. Except the very active, and well-posted thread on the horribly wonderful kaskus fortuner owner community, there aren't that many international (english) community, so I'd like to formally say hi to all of you.


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    welcome to the club. so is your car 2WD with a 2.4 engine ?
    2019 GX , in White


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      Hi 42ner,
      Where about a in Indonesia do you live?
      I was in Jakarta recently for business and couldn't believe how many new Fortuners I was seeing on the road.
      you guys have the VRZ model there with the TV screen in the roof that we don't get here in Australia.

      Hope you enjoy the car.


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        Thanks all.

        White One yes. the 4WD is a bit overkill for the price and the kind of terrain Jakarta offers. It also has a much higher tax rate.

        RALF, I live in Jakarta. I always wonder how the international variants differ to our local offers. The Indonesian market is crazy about everything chrome which I unfortunately rather dislike, as well as mobile TVs, thus the roof screen on the VRZ variant.

        What kind of engine/specs do you get in Australia. Crusade is the top-end model, I gather? It'll be great if you can post some photos? Here's a few...


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          I bet the Indonesian models, both 2.4 and 2.8 doesn't have a DPF.