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Please help me with my 2015 toyota fortuner

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  • Please help me with my 2015 toyota fortuner

    Hi guys,

    I am writing from India. I have a huge problem with my 2015 Toyota Fortuner 4x4 Manual Transmission. I have been to 2 Toyota Authorized service centers but they are unable to solve my problem. If you have the answer to my problems please help me out.

    When I drive my car above 60 kilometers per hour the car brakes automatically making a grinding noise by itself even with out me applying the brakes.It doesn't come to a standstill but slows down the car. Sometimes even in slower speeds it makes that noise. I have to keep driving it below 60 kmph and now i'm getting worried to drive the car incase something untoward happens.

    I know its not Traction Control or the ABS. What could it be? These idiots at the servicing center says the vehicle is supposed to work that way but i know it's not.

    Please help

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    welcome to the club. I have not heard of that problem before . I'm just guessing but do you think its possible that the brake pedal pushrod is not adjusted properly , so is applying the brakes a little bit? If its adjusted too tight it wont work the brake lights but may still drag the brakes a bit.
    with the engine switched off there should be 10mm free movement in the brake pedal before the pushrod hits the brake booster. check that first .
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      Click image for larger version

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ID:	4686 The Service Center has called me in 2 days time. I will post photos of it if my issue is resolved so that anyone facing the same problem will find it easier to find a solution
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        Let them bleed your brakes. Dot3 brake fluids are Hydroscopic fluids. Once it absorbes moisture, it expands when heated up-- hence the grinding noise. Let them bleed the brake system and use DOT4 fluid. That'll fix it.


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          thanks will try it out

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        Hi guys,

        Just came back from the Toyota Service Center. Wanted to let you know exactly what took place. I've got the problem fixed. I'm not much of a technical person so i'll try to repeat exactly what the mechanic said ... hopefully it'll make sense to you guys.

        I am writing today so that no one makes the same mistake I did.

        With a Scanning tool the mechanic observed the sensor readings of the yaw sensors and the steering angle. The yaw sensor is a black box located right under the drivers seat. They found that the calibration between the yaw sensor and the steering angle wasn't correct. Hence the incorrect reading was sending all sorts of wrong messages to the Traction Control System, Vehicle Stability Control and also the ABS.

        Now actually what had happened was that, i put an after market carpet through out the vehicle from a private/ unauthorized shop. In order to put the carpet the person had to remove all the seats and hence must have fiddled around with the sensor. Also I had put a car perfume under the drivers seat and it was bouncing around hitting the sensor all the time. The mechanic told me not to keep anything under the driver seat as the sensor is very sensitive.

        Now the calibration is set correctly and i've removed the air freshner. The Problems gone.

        Anyway thanks for your help guys.

        The lesson that i've learnt is that if i need to get any modification done to the car or add accessories, then i need to go to a proper Authorized Toyota Work shop and not anyone else.

        Below is the picture of the car airfreshner which was bouncing around hitting the sensor.
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