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DPF Filter Failing After ECU Upgrade

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  • DPF Filter Failing After ECU Upgrade

    Hi all,

    Have a 2015 Fortuner that has done 44,000 km's. Took it in for the 40,000 service a couple weeks back and they did the ECU upgrade which I can confirm changes the parameters of the DPF Regen parameters. Drove to work this morning and it went from "dpf full see manual" to "dpf full go to dealer" to check engine and limp mode in a span of 65 km.

    I dropped the truck off at the dealer and without hesitation the head tech said the DPF filter is stuffed. The ECU software before the upgrade was not reading the sensors properly and was not completing proper burn offs. They will be placing a new DPF in the Fortuner.

    Just a thought and not sure how you approach it but I would be concerned about potential damage to the DPF done before the ECU upgrade.

    Mine was also already to clogged up that it couldn't complete a burn off and those all the warnings went off.

    ​​​​​​Still no recall on DPF's though

    Will see how many more come in after this ECU upgrade. My dealer said they have had a handful and without the ECU upgrade the DPF would have completly failed in another few weeks.

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    Just messaged a mate who is a Toyota Mechanic and he said they have replaced heaps of DPF's and completed the reprogram. I would be pushing your dealer to replace the DPF, it is a known problem throughout Toyota according to my mate.
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      this is a well known problem ,not everybody is affected but quite a few are. The update causes much more frequent burns , with resultant increase in fuel economy. In some overseas markets the DPF can be cleaned out back to as new but we dont have that technology here yet , so its just replacements. I know of Hiluxes with 3 DPF changes so far
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        I hope your dealer is not using those Valvoline 15W-40 Drum Fleet Oil. Normally the 1GDFTV allows a bit of blow-by oil and that gets collected in the DPF. If your dealer is using the wrong oil for a start, they may be helping the DPF to clog itself. On my first two services I have argued with the Toyota Service Center about their use of the wrong oil but fell on deaf ears. I started servicing the Fortuner since 30,000 kms with 5W-30 DL-1 ACEA C2 oil from Penrite. I bought 1x200 liter drum from Supercheap auto and 98,000 kms later, still no issues with DPF or anything. You can buy a 10 pack Fuel Filter, 10 pack oil filter, 10 pack Air Filter and 10 pack cabin filter from ebay. You will save heaps in the long run. By the way, my 13 month old fortuner is already out of Warranty.


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          Good choice of oil

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        Don't expect an instant replacement of the DPF when you take your car back to Toyota, see my post "my car is not old enough to smoke". I took my car to Toyota and they categorically refused to replace the DPF as it costs too much to replace. Early days yet and another year to go on warranty. If they don't fix my smoking problem I will be camping out at their service department until it's fixed.


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          That's interesting. I made a complaint of white smoke and it was replaced no questions asked.

          I'd go to another dealer!

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          They will clean it now rather than instant replacement, which in reality is what they should of done from the start of these issues.
          A DPF clogging up is not actually an issue of the DPF but a symptom of something else to cause it to clog.

          You can put a new DPF on but if the cause isn’t fixed it too will just block up. It’s just a physical trap nothing more.
          Hope it’s resolved soon mate👍