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EGR Blanking Decarb & PCV Catch can

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  • EGR Blanking Decarb & PCV Catch can

    Hi All, I have just installed a solid EGR blanking plate on my 2014 Fortuner TRD 1KD FTV ( KUN51R) engine. While the car is "worked" by TRD I think that the engine is the same as the 2014 Hilux & Pardo.
    It took 20 minutes for the job. Remove cooler cover 10m & I removed the battery & the fuel sensor plug. 12mm open end spanner to back off the EGR bolt as the dip stick bracket prevents a socket drive & then 3/8 extension drive with 10mm to back off the EGR to head nuts. Screwdriver between water housing & EGR pipe using left hand. Right hand gets Blanking plate vertical & flat to slide upto the top Fwd stud, apply light pressure to the pipe & slide it up & swing anti clockwise to engage the other stud, release pressure on screwdriver. re-tighten everything NB light pressure!
    I have a Innova 31703 OBD2 scanner & will do some Air intake & Throttle body cleaning & see what errors come up. At idle there are no dash errors but the OBD scanner is seeing an EGR error but not reporting anything, street testing to TBA. I also have a blanking plate with 7mm hole if needed.

    I ran some live data tests at 60 & 100KPH. The engine now runs 6c cooler 81c at 21c outside. The fuel usage was 7.8 K/l and is now 9.5K/L. The OBD scanner is telling me everything is running well, I did put a can of L Moly Decarb down the intake at 2 second bursts ( took 20 minutes) before the run.
    No dash errors.

    Next I have a catch can & will bolt it to the side of the air cleaner & pipe the PCV to it then to the FWd side of the air cleaner.
    more to come.
    Note: the Innova 31703 also does ABS & SRS scanning & will now live in the car just incase it goes into Limp mode on the beach at Fraser one day.

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    Welcome to the club. so far you are the only member with a 2014 Tuna , rest of us have the 2015+ 1GD models. Was it a private import ? a white one ? ive seen it around the Bay .
    2016 GX , in White