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Any Tunas been to Cape York as yet?

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  • Any Tunas been to Cape York as yet?

    i'm just doing some research on a trip up to Cape York , not sure on timing yet , possibly this year or next at worst. Cairns and Cooktown wont be a problem , and i dont intend to do many side trips , it will just be straight up there , touch the sign and a ferry to Thursday Island. maybe some side trips on the return leg if time permits.
    Some say the track is rough as guts and a car breaker yet i have spoken to some backpackers who did it in a stock Mitsi L300 , so cant be that bad i guess.

    any comments?
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    I guess it depends if they took the development road or the Telegraph track?


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      im not sure . anyway ive done some more reading and it seems that a conventional car will make it providing its dry and you dont take any detours.
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        update time - I just returned from a great trip to the Cape . I was travelling solo , a bit short of time and sleeping in the back of the car so doing anything like the OTT was out of the question (plus i didnt want to damage my pride and joy ).
        the road is sealed as far as Laura , then sealed in intermittent short sections along the way , usually near creeks or hills. I topped up fuel at Laura and Coen which gave me plenty of reserve. Cairns to Archer River on my first day , about 8 hours not rushing , then Archer River to Seisa ( pronounced Saysha ) in 7 hours the next day not rushing. Corrugations in some sections were extreme , to the point of having to almost stop and take them slowly. in other sections of dirt you could easily do 100kmh without issue. The Jardine Ferry crossing costs $100 return , what a ripoff its only 100m across the river.
        you have to be very careful of bulldust holes , rocks , dips , animals and other vehicles. leave headlights on at all times , the dust created by other vehicles reduces visibilty down to almost zero for a few seconds.
        As for the Tuna , it was great - the only letdown was the amount of dust which gets in everywhere despite having windows closed and aircon on. Took me all day yesterday to dismantle , wash and clean the interior using a vacuum cleaner and air compressor.
        if you are on Facebook , join the Cape York Adventures page there is plenty of info on there. Always have the Ultimate road cover as a breakdown will cost you about $3000 to get your car back to Cairns on the barge.
        i could go on and on but if you have any questions ask away
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          Sounds like a good trip to add to the bucket list.

          'm curious, you say you slept in the car. Did you pull all the seats out and put a single foam mattress in there? I assume you would have cut out a piece of ply to flatten the floor after taking out the seats?



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            yes thats exactly what i did. my mrs would never dream of car camping so i went alone on this one. The third row seats are never in anyway - i took out the middle set , then cut up a 12mm plywood sheet approx 600 wide and the length of the cargo area. its supported at the front by a pair of brackets about 120mm high which gives me a flat floor with space underneath for spare parts and a DVD player etc. On the other side goes the car fridge , crates for food , recovery gear , clothes etc.

            It was a great trip but If i was going up there again i would until after the road has been sealed all the way , which is slated for Dec 2020 ( believe that when i see it ).
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