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    I'm looking to do a trip up to Cameron Corner (from Sydney). I always prefer doing round trips if possible. Has anyone driven The Cut Line between Bourke and Tibooburra? Apart from the usual precautions, is extra fuel required or will a full tank be sufficient? Are there any issues to be aware of? Is it worth it?

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    My Hema map has an unnamed dirt track from Bourke to Tibooburra. The map has fuel shown at Wanaaring (234kms from Tibooburra & 194 from Bourke). Personally I'd take 1 jerry can on the roof rack.

    You could always try ringing the Wanaaring local council / township to see if they've still got fuel, & the road is open.

    Just because fuel is marked on the map, does'n't mean the servo is still there. This was the case on a trip to Darwin. Fuel was marked on the map at Larrimah (also known as the Pink Hoadhouse) but the servo had been shut for years.


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      Cant help on that one sorry.. but upload some photos on your return.. Goodluck
      Crusade, Summit Bar, Dobinsons Monotube, BFG AT.


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        So, it's coast to corner. The 'tuner is ready with its new false floor, bullbar and Rhino Pioneer Platform. I took your advice Anthony and purchased a jerry can, which I will fill at Bourke.


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          Trip completed. Fortuner performed flawlessly. They are more common around the mid-west of NSW, but scarce as hen's teeth further west. Little brother amongst a host of Landcruisers (all series).


          • young_dazza
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            Good to hear the trip went well. I bet you have red dust in every seal and seam

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          Nice... how'd you go with the fuel situation?


          • greyone58
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            No dramas at all. Full tank leaving Bourke plus 20 litres in the jerry can. Fuel can be had at Wanaaring too, which is roughly halfway. However, we easily made it without
            needing to fill from either. The road was in good condition and arrived in Tibooburra with plenty in the tank. Using the car's computations, we were given a range of about 725km on a full tank. We achieved an average of 9.5l/km for the whole trip.

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          Thanks for that. Always good to get fuel info on trips. Especially with cars new to the market, & you seem to have got good mileage at 9.5l/km.