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    Just a few photos of my long weekend up @ The Bendleby Ranges.
    New Ironman Suspension was great on & off road, there was a little bit of rubbing on the front right sway bar (not all the time) it was more an annoying squeak

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    I think it's called the sway bar, it's the bar just below the bottom of the coil.
    Hopefully it won't cause any issues down the track?
    I recall someone mentioning something similar in a previous post but I can't seem to find it.
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      Yeah I've had my bottom locking ring removed and no more annoying squeak. I emailed Ironman and they got back to me immediately and arrange for the work to be completed. But make sure they do another wheel alignment once they complete the rectification work. Ironman tested solution on their own fortuner prior to mine being done. Ive done 15000k's since, no squeak and since i got wheel alignment (as garage that did rectification works did not) and new tires, the front tires are wearing evenly now.


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        Thanks for that Skardo.

        Did you have the squeaking on both sides or just the RHS?
        & did they remove the locking rings on both sides?


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          I had it on both side, right side was worse. There is a slight amount of adjustment in the sway bar, but they ran testing on their Forty with only one ring on each strut with nil issues. Don't go to your supplier installer, I went the the Ironman website and went to contacts and contacted them with the issue and i believe a Ben texted asking for photos, then called immediately. Once ur springs settle, there is the possibility of getting ur strut adjusted up..

          Also have you got vibration in the tail shaft as you you take off? if so I know how to fix that. Its a simple fix that will cost approx $45


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            Thanks Skardo
            No vibration in the tail shaft, I had the TJM spacers installed like you recommended.

            OK thought I might speak to the supplier installer first & mention that Ironman are aware of the problem & see how that goes.