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    Hi All,
    Just got back from 10 days on Fraser Island with the Fortuner.

    The car performed extremely well in the sand. I did around 700klms on the island including pretty much all the drivable coastline, from around the tip to sandy cape, to up and down the west coast (where permitted) from woralie creek, and many, many inland tracks as well. Lowered the tyres straight to 16psi at rainbow beach and never got bogged once

    I did have one issue though, after about 7days on Fraser, the "slip indicator" light (the one that blinks when traction/stability control kicks in) lit up permanently, which the manual suggests indicates a failure of either the VSC, TRC or trailer sway control systems. The car continued to perform flawlessly for the remaining 3 days. Once off the island I took it to Gympie Toyota who plugged in the scanner, checked a few things, and then cleared the warning and it hasn't come back since. Apparently the "steering angle sensor" got confused in the sand. Googling found other similar stories in other toyotas.

    As for fuel consumption, I managed around 16l/100k overall on the sand, which included a lot of slow inland tracks (straight up the east coast is more like 11).
    I usually get around 10.5 around town, as low as 9 on the highway. But loaded up heavy for this trip with the roof bag was more like 11-12 at 100kph, and up to 14 doing 110kph, the high speeds with the heavy load/roof rack really does make a big difference. (Before leaving I weighted the car at 2720kgs fully loaded with passengers and fuel, within 30kg of GVM!).


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    10 Days on Fraser.. sounds awesome mate!


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      Thx for sharing John.

      On the bucket list
      Kind Regards,

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        Thanks for posting.. looks great.

        Booked in for trip there this coming summer.. thoughts on how crucial a snorkel is?

        so about 112L of fuel all up?

        how much did you carry in jerries?

        will research the locations you can buy fuel on the island (i believe you can get it at the two resorts at least). More expensive than mainland of course but i dont think i can fit jerries.. will see.
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          I'd say you don't need a snorkel at all on Fraser, at least not in winter while I was there, the highest water was probably <30cm deep at Eli Creek. I'm not sure anywhere would threaten the 700mm stock wading depth. We drove awinya creek which can be notoriously deep (see youtube) and it was tiny, smaller than Eli. Might have just been the time of day/year though.

          110-120L is what I used, but we did a lot of driving, more than most visitors I'd say. I didn't have room (or weight) for jerry cans, so I bought fuel once (68L) on the island at Cathedrals on Fraser (at $2.10/L)!
          There are ample places to get fuel (Cathedrals, Eurong, Kingfisher) and the island isn't huge so I wouldn't worry too much about getting stranded.

          Have fun!


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            Had a fantastic time on Fraser over the break.

            The car performed exceptionally well. Performed far better than the Prado I was travelling with (although to be fair the Prado doesn't have a lift and has smaller tyres) and the Fortuner only got a little bit bogged once while snatching after I came back down the hill I had just climbed without problem to try to snatch the Prado which was bogged. Popped out easy with the max Trax. Lots of people getting bogged, had to assist with a recovery (to clear the track) at least once every day (mostly hire cars with minimal or worn out recovery gear and rusty dodgy looking tie down points as recovery points!! My max Trax we're required!)

            Picked my time to cross Eli Creek etc with low(ish) tide and no problems. Just a beautiful place to visit with so many highlights.

            Saw heaps of fortuners around SE Queensland also.
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              Crusade, Summit Bar, Dobinsons Monotube, BFG AT.


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                Nice one mate, such an awesome place

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              conditions are very very soft on Fraser at the moment , we get the odd good day followed by many many bad days. im getting regular updates from the tour operators who also have to deal with the hoardes of newbies who have not driven on sand before. Strong onshore winds and a couple of violent storms have stripped out a lot of the firmer compacted top layer exposing a softer base. If you want an insight look at the FB page called " I got bogged at Inskip Point"
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                Thanks white one. Yes nearly all of the people getting stuck were international tourists so probably never driven off the bitumen before. One day I saw a little Subaru very very bogged in the soft stuff!

                I found people were all very helpful and friendly. If there was a car stuck there were generally (depending on how long the recovery took) lots of people helping out as such a busy time.

                Funnily enough the only bad attitude I got was from tour /tag along guides (several of them on separate occasions).

                Had a fantastic time.

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              yeah tour guides dont like the busy seasons , they are usually on a tight schedule regarding times , tides , barges , transfers , national parks guidelines etc so get annoyed at unprepared people. If anyone comes in with something like a soft roader i discourage them from taking the journey. Usually the $800 recovery fee turns them off !! And now the tour companies are extremely reluctant to assist with recoveries due to insurance issues . not a great situation all round really.

              on a more cheerful note its a bit of a regular sport now for locals to go to Inskip with a picnic and deckchair just to watch the live action.
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                Awesome trip! Thanks for sharing your insights and story.


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                  Ive been over there a few more times since the last post , portions of the main beach have had up to 2 metres stripped off the top and other sections had more rock exposed than sand!!
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                    Good jointFraser hate living near it.


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                      Originally posted by Sherwoodforest View Post
                      Good jointFraser hate living near it.
                      yeah i hate living nearby as well There is nothing worse than those days when work sends me over there to do something
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