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Victorian High Country - Craig's Hut

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  • Victorian High Country - Craig's Hut

    Hey Tuner Channel,

    Over the Christmas period I packed up the family, the boat and the dogs and took off up to Eildon for a Christmas in a Stayz house. Whilst visiting I was keen to do some 4WDing to pop the Fortuner's cherry and of course to see some of the spectacular High Country.

    We were based in the Howqua Inlet about 20 minutes from Mansfield with Jameson a short 10 minute drive further south. We did two day trips, the longer of the two was a beautiful sunny bluebird day with my main to see Craig's Hut and if time permitted, up to the Mt Stirling lookout. We reconnected up to the Mansfield/Buller road and turned off at the Mt. Stirling road right before the gates leading up to Mt. Buller. From there we took the circuit road until I found a smaller track that lead us over a few river crossings to Pineapple flat (great campsite right on the river). After some lunch we followed the King River with many shallow (40cm) crossings until we got back onto circuit track. Then turned up Clear View Track to Craig's Hut. Just wow!! spectacular location and the perfect day for it. Very few people around too.

    Then however through all the excitement of getting out 4wding for the first time... I didn't check the fuel situation. Less than a quarter left. Crap! We took a shortcut down Monument Track and back onto Circuit and Mt Stirling Road back to where we started and just made it to Mansfield for a much needed drink.

    On another day we spent a bit of time around Sheep Yard Flat which was PACKED! accessible by 2WD vehicles so super busy. Although after taking a few 4WD only tracks up and out of the flat, there were heaps of clear quite camp sites.

    For Christmas we spent some time by the Lake chilling and making use of the awning and camp kitchen.

    Awesome area, I urge everyone to spend some time up there at some point. There are great caravan parks to make a HQ and then day trips everywhere, loads of rivers, hiking, swimming, and amazing 4WD tracks ranging from super easy to crazy hard. Weather plays a huge part in how accessible the areas are and track conditions vary massively.

    If anyone wants any more info just let me know I'm not an expect but happy to help anyone looking for some nice spots.

    - Paul

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    Thanks, Paul. Iā€™m heading down that way in March, and your tips are much appreciated.
    2015 GX auto / Genuine steel bull bar, snorkel and tow package / Ultimate suspension / Rhino sliders / BFG KO2s / ORS drawers ...


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      Great, have an excellent trip. DM me if you have any questions. Happy to help if I can. Cheers

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    Well done Paul. Sounds like you had a great time. Currently trying to talk the misses into a high country trip, but isn't too keen, especially after watching some of those T.V. 4WD shows, where she noticed the tracks are't real wide on most of those tracks.

    I did the high country back in 1999 on a week long tag-a-long tour with a 4WD tour company, in a stock petrol Pajero. Thought that was a good option at the time as it was my very first off road trip. And for a first up off road trip, I was just blown away by the beautiful high country.


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      I wouldn't worry about tough tracks. If the weather is clear and you don't go looking for trouble most tracks are moderate. Also there are SHIT Loads of tracks, get a good map and you'll see. If she doesn't like the look of a track going one way, just find an alternative.

      It is a magic piece of the world, not to be missed

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    My mother is a mad keen fan of The Man from Snowy River and has always wanted to see the hut! And the view from there, but Dad is too tight to take her there in the Disco.
    Ill have to pop her in my Toona and take her there instead.
    Ive been there several times before but those views never get old!!
    Cheers all. šŸ™‚


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      Nice trip report!


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        Looks likes you guys had fun.


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          Great photos and article, thanks.