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Steering issue after tyre change and alignment

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  • Steering issue after tyre change and alignment

    I recently fitted a new set of Bridgestone A/T 697 tyres to my GXL an at the same time had a wheel alignment done. Since then I have noticed the steering wheel doesn’t seem to return to centre by itself. If you have the steering wheel set at say 5 degrees and let go, the steering wheel doesn’t return to centre (It tracks on that 5 degree angle). It seems as if that the steering wheel is quite stiff around the last 5 degrees of turn either left or right. With this issue, if driving on a bumpy road, it seems to wander all over the road and constantly needs small steering inputs to track straight. I have notice there has been a little bit of discussion about Tuna’s wandering across the road. Has anyone had these issues after changing tyres or having a wheel alignment.

    ps. The wheel alignment was done by Bob Jane and was taken back after doing about 50 kms. They checked again and all was good. Toyota also checked it and then double checked at another Bob Jane and found nothing wrong. Could it possibly just be the tyres? Also does anyone know if the camber/castor is adjustable on a Tuna?

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    Yes, after wheel alignment on my Hilux, with original tyres, I am constantly having to correct my steering. They told me it is in my head


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      Bought my 2015 GX in 2016 & had KO2s fitted. Never had a problem with steering tracking. Not sure if camber / castor is adjustable, but someone on this forum will know.

      Maybe take it to somewhere like Pedders? for another opinion. They offer a brake, steering & suspension check & report service for $28. They might find something the others couldn't. And 28 bucks is cheap for another opinion. Good luck


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        Keep taking it back or try different suspension\tyre shops, it took 7.5 alignment attempts, 3 different shops and 1 prematurely worn tyre for mine to be resolved to an acceptable level. After my tyre change from factory there was a definite pull to the left I even put up with it for a trip from Darwin to Bungle Bungles towing a camper trailer cause the first tyre shop threw the towel in after 3 attempts at aligning it correctly.

        Long story short I now have an acceptable drift I feel that is probably a combo of tyre bite and road camber. 1 premature loss of tyre through excessive wear and tear from bad alignment prompted me to dig my heals to fix the issue. On replacement of that tyre I kept taking it back before someone who looked like they cared about their job finally fixed it. It was lucky I got this guy cause they had a staff shortage at the time and he was required to jump on the alignment machine but he sorted it for me. I do not look forward to the time I need to have my wheels aligned again.

        For a while I really hated driving my car but since the alignment issue all is good. It took me two years however a big chunk of that time was cause I gave up and lost faith in anyone having the skills or dersire to fix the issue. But what you're experiencing sounds like what I had and the good news is it is fixable.

        Forgot to add I got the same tyres Dueler AT 697s and have a 2016 GXL.
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          Bloody hell! A proper alignment is not hard....