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Suspension sagging

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  • Suspension sagging

    Has anyone experienced sagging from aftermarket lifts? I have ironman pro and I have an issue with front left dropping 25mm been back and they have adjusted it but after going to fraser I have checked and it's down 15mm from the right. Time to have it changed. Would love feedback.

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    I have the Ironman Pro springs only on the front to counter weight of bullbar, winch, rails etc. The suspension settled and bedded down, but certainly not sagging and is still fine today. Was installed Aug 2016.



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      They have adjusted it a week ago, it's got to go in again to be checked. They said they will replace the springs.

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    I've the OME 35mm lift put in by ARB. I lost a few mills on settling, but no real problems. Weight wise I've steel bar, spotties, winch / synthetic rope, dual battery up front. Rear I've tow bar, drawers & tools, & fridge slide 24/7. Recovery gear & fridge only go in for trips, as does the house & kitchen sink.... oh yeah, & the missus.

    Car sags when fully loaded, but to be expected. My springs are rated 200kg constant.

    I did toy with the idea of getting thicker springs to help stop the sagging, & was told "Lovells Part number TRR-142HD for Fortuner are constant rate design and 18mm diameter spring and should suit your application" to stop the sagging. I think the current springs are 16mm. Not sure if any of this helps but .....


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    Sounds like you need a new spring