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    I have a GXL with a winch compatible alloy bar fitted. I wasn't too keen on the Toyota price of fitting a warn winch. Has anyone fitted any other brands of winch onto the Toyota Alloy bar? I would be interested to know if it is possible. I took the car to an ARB authorized fitter / dealer but they wouldn't commit without booking the car in for an inspection by their fitters who weren't available (don't work) on Saturdays.


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    Most aftermarket winches will fit. When i went into ARB he showed me a lift of about 5 or 6 different types that would go in no worries.

    I decided to go a cheapy as i dont plan to be using it every day, i have a domin8r winch from ive only used it for real once, and it saved the car from sliding sideways down a dune and rolling over (lesson learnt). Very happy with it and the install is easy too


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      That's great. Thank you for the feedback.


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        deeman111. Where did you mount the controller for the domin8r? I notice the warn winch has a built in controller which looks neat. I will opt for the cheaper version myself as I don't plan on using it a great deal.


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          Controller box was mounted to the bull bar as shown in the photo, and i rigged up the controller connection to fit into the stock location.

          The winch was turned around (usually the clutch lever is on the right) its an easy job, just had to rotate the clutch cover so it would sit how it is shown, its only 6 or 8 bolts to undo, then rotate it.

          Getting the nuts and bolts in to mount it is fiddly but achieveable. I wouldnt want to be removing it anymore than once a year for a service.

          I like the domin8r as it came with a wireless controller which makes things so much easier, also the rope is lighter than cable, and floats so if your in the drink and drop the hook you can still find it again easily


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            Thanks again for the feedback. I will let you know how I go. I like the idea of the wireless controller on the domin8r.


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              I went with the Carbon 12k winch, was $850 with dyneema rope & wireless remote, its alot lighter than most on the market and has 5yr warranty!