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Has anyone tried to update the GPS map? Fortuner GXL Aug2018

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  • Has anyone tried to update the GPS map? Fortuner GXL Aug2018

    Has anyone tried to update the GPS map?
    I bought my GXL Fortuner last January 2019. Amazingly I've just realised that the map installed (at the time of purchase) is dated 2016! I called Toyota Australia and updates aren't free even with a map that old. Funny they say the new 2020 model comes with a different system and MAP updates (like suggesting I should swap my one year old car...)
    Any experiences?

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    Don't know you'll have much luck. A mate in our 4WD club bought a new year 2020 VX 200 series landcruiser, & a newly upgraded road near my home completed about 12 months ago, isn't on his GPS. While this doesn't help you, it just shows even Toyota's newer cars have old maps.

    You may have to search this forum, but I'm sure map updates have been mentioned elsewhere in here. You might answers in those posts.


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      there are a couple of options here - either upgrade your head unit to something that runs Android Auto , or just use the Google Maps function in your phone , mounted in a dash holder. Look on the FB site , someone upgraded to a Kenwood system recently
      2016 GX , in White


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        Ahhhh the map saga continues....many posts on this.

        Essentially, you will need to pay Toyota the circa $350 to upgrade your maps. Even then, the maps are still up to 12 months old. This is better than your 2016 maps though!

        If you don't wish to pay for an upgrade, you have no choice but to leave maps as is or replace the unit with a new third party one. Many out there, some of the best are from Kenwood, Pioneer and Alpine units that are actually suited to the Fortuner. Third-party unit will be more expensive, however, superior in nearly every way to the OEM unit.

        I left my OEM as is and went for the upgrade, I didn't pay anywhere near $350 as the dealer owed me for a previous stuff up when servicing the car.


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          My favourite subject to moan about Toyota again! Have a look at the Prado forum where there are many posts about it, I have featured in most of them with tales of contacting consumer protection, a senator and goodness knows who else. Toyota Australia admit that this subject causes more complaints than any other yet they still do nothing about it.
          Well at least that hadn't although I did not know about the 2020 models being different.
          Can you post any information about this please as I would be astounded if they had actually made a map update available. The reason I say this is because in all the Fujitsu units previously supplied Toyota had gone to much trouble to lock the system down by hiding the main Igo program.
          I bought a 10 screen Android unit and would highly recommend these, yes I know it would mean dealing with China but it is the only way to be able to run whatever software you want, not what Toyota or Kenwood, Alpine etc for that matter force you to.