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2014 Fortuner 3.0 with 17 in wheels to 16 in wheels

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  • 2014 Fortuner 3.0 with 17 in wheels to 16 in wheels


    I have the Fortuner 3.0 TD 2014 that comes with 17 in. wheels and 265/65/17 tires.

    Looking to have more rubber on the wheels but as I can see going up to 265/70/17 tires tested problems with clearance.

    I want more sidewalk and rubber , and being this an off road vehicle , heavy vehicle and not a road racing vehicle I would like to go down to 16 in. wheels for more tire possibilities.

    I can see that the 265/65/17 tire matches diameter and rotations per kilometer of a 285/65/16 tire.

    The 16 in. tire has one inch more in width which is nice. stock wheel is 17 X 7.5 I could use a 16 X 9 or 10 with the 285/65/16 tire and have the same diameter and rotations per mile but with a little wider tire and grip.

    Any help in selecting a 16 in. wheel in regard to offset if going for a 16X9 or 16X10 ?

    Anyone done this on a 2014 17 in. stock Fortuner (Downsizing to 16 in wheel)