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Stop trailer drawbar from dragging on driveway

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  • Stop trailer drawbar from dragging on driveway

    Hi guys,

    I tow my boat with my 2019 Crusade.

    The angle of my driveway to the road causes my boat trailer drawbar to scrape when Im backing in.
    It needs approx. an inch or two clearance I would estimate.
    Looking to add some wood blocks etc to the driveway to possibly help.

    But just wondering if using airbags and / or a lift kit will help raise the back sufficient enough when backing in?


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    airbags should work , itc cheaper than getting a lift kit , and you can deflate them when not towing. Maybe also try dynabolting some checker plate steel ( bent to the correct shape ) to the layback.
    2016 GX , in White


    • Chris4Tuner
      Chris4Tuner commented
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      Thanks mate.
      Willl investigate this option.

      Yeah, I thought having airbags will allow me to inflate/deflate as needed.
      Likewise, I'll look at putting plates, some sort of wheel etc to the underside of the drawbar to help.

      Car is only 18months old - can I assume that if I put airbags, it will void warranty?
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    • White One
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      you can add any accessory - like airbags , but for example if they fail or bugger up your rear suspension somehow , you would lose warranty on the affected rear suspension components.

    • Spook1205
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      A wheel on underside of drawbar is quite a legit thing to do, they are often used on rear end boat trailers that are low to the ground. It’s probably the cheapest option.
      Air bags are a sensational option especially if rear end is sagging under load (which our vehicles do). But it may not give you the height increase needed.