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New Fortuner GXL or GX - Standard Towball height

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  • New Fortuner GXL or GX - Standard Towball height


    I am hoping someone can help me, I have ordered a new GXL Fortuner a few months ago, but it's not due for another couple of months.

    I need to know the height from the ground to the top of the towbar hitch receiver, i.e. the base of where the towball would start, for my caravan which is being built.
    I need this for a standard Fortuner (current model) with Toyota towbar and no suspension mods (standard setup)

    Thanks in advance

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    Are you planning on upgrading the suspension in your new car?
    If you are towing a caravan a minimum upgrade would be air bags. Otherwise the rear end sag is quite severe.


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      Sure, but do you know the height from the ground to the top of the towbar tongue?


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        Are you fitting a Toyota towbar?


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          Yes I am fitting a Toyota towbar


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            Ive just measured my 2019 GX , all stock suspension , at 480mm from the top surface of the tongue to the concrete. I know for sure that the 2019 Tuna has much stiffer rear springs than the previous 2016 i had. The 2016 was quite saggy with the caravan (17' Jayco Discovery ) hooked up and the 2019 is much better. I still use a WDH to level it out a bit more.
            We also tow with our 2016 MQ Triton , that thing is so high we needed one of those adjustable drop down hitches and no need for the WDH at all.
            2019 GX , in White


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              Thanks White one for the info, it's interesting that towbar height has changed depending on the year, someone else with a stock 2020 Tuna gave me a height of 498mm so it's good to get a few height readings from different owners. If anyone else has a 2020 model or greater I would like to see if yours is different to the 2 readings I have.
              My caravan chassis is being built to the height of the unladen towbar tongue. So once I add a WDH it should be level, I don't plan on doing any suspension mods at this stage while the car is new, I will use a WDH.
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                I dont think the towbar height would change so much , the differences would be a variance in the amount of spring sagging between different cars. All springs even aftermarket will sag at different rates. And if thats a problem down the track you can go to an adjustable height tow hitch , they are in 30mm increments i think
                2019 GX , in White