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Squeaking shocks

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  • Squeaking shocks

    • 1 minute ago
      Hi all. I have recently purchased a new 2016 Fortuner. I'm relatively happy with the vehicle however I have a horrible grinding squeak coming from the rear of the vehicle presumably from the shocks. Before I take it back to the dealer I was wondering if anyone has experienced this. Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Pugslee

    I have the same in mine, mostly when just starting off and stopping.

    I had put it down to the suspension lift that I had put in and the all round terrible job that was done to my car.

    It sounds tome like a dry bush so I have started spraying the bushes with silicon, WD or lanolin (depending on what's closer) 1 pair of bushes at a time I'll do this until I find the culprit then depending on the culprit I'll fix it my self (I wont let the installing workshop touch my car again) or take it to be fixed


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      might be the sway bar bushes or even the links. Ive had success in the past by injecting grease ( via fine needle ) into the rubber boots
      2019 GX , in White


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        Thanks guys for your help


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          Pugslee do you have a tow bar on yours? and if so what brand is it

          I did a bit of investigating today and it looks like the squeak on mine might my Hayman Reese tow bar just touching the body/chassis.