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Trailer brake controller wiring question

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  • Trailer brake controller wiring question

    Hi all,

    I'm about to get my first caravan so will need to wire up a brake controller. I'm thinking about the Redarc Tow Pro Elite. Has anyone fitted one of these units? My dealer fitted 7 pin socket already has a blue wire attached which I believe is for the electric trailer brakes. Does anyone know where that wire goes to so I can connect the brake controller to it? I will also need to connect the brake trigger wire as well. Where is the best point of connection for that? I'm assuming I will mount the controller under the dash somewhere.
    Appreciate any help.

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    Hi Graham,
    what caravan are you getting, because I have a Jayco and it runs a 12pin plug. Also what model Fortuner you have? Ive got a GX so i got the controller installed into the push button start area (GXL & Crusade). As for the actual wiring up, I can't help you.


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      Hi Olkvansta
      I recently had a Redarc fitted by a trailer business. It cost $600 ($250 for the Tow Pro and $400 for labor). Detailed instructions come with the unit. Remove the BLUE wire from the trailer wiring harness socket head, tape back and isolate, insert new BLUE wire with brass ferrule from the Electric Brake Harness into the same position in the trailer socket. The Control Knob was mounted below the cup holder in one of the spare knock out switch panels
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        Thanks for the replies. I understand the electrics a lot better now. Has anyone installed the Redarc wiring harness for the Fortuner? I saw a lengthy post about some of the issues encountered but now can't find it. The harness is very expensive at $290 !!


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          I just fitted the tow pro elite to my gxl myself. I ran a 30A fuse off the battery and 6mm twin core sheathed red/black to my controller. Mounted controller just above drivers side kick panel.

          I had a factory toyota tow bar fitted, they ran the trailer wiring up into the rear of the vehicle. It connects to a plug behind the passenger brake lights behind the plastic cowling. I found a spare blue wire there that comes up from the trailer plug that they left loose. i connected my tow pro too that and picked off a brake sense from the same harness. It made life easy. It was just a matter of running a length of the same 6mm twin core from the controller to the passenger side rear of vehicle. I also ran another length of 6mm back to the same point and followed the factory trailer plug wiring out to the tow hitch and fitted an anderson plug at the same time.

          Whole install took me around 1.5 hrs.

          I needed it to activate the electric brakes on my camper trailer. Click image for larger version

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            Thanks for the pics John. That's exactly what I need.
            I've made life a little harder for myself by fitting drawers and a false floor in the back. I'll have to remove them to get the plastic trim off. :-(