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  • fire extinguisher bracket

    For anyone looking for a way of attaching a fire extinguisher I found something that I'm realIy pleased with. When I began looking at options, I thought it must be pretty obvious and simple but all the advice I was given seemed too complicated as it involved either drilling or screwing but ultimately it was made really simple thanks to this guy who is in Melbourne. Maybe someone could do it cheaper or better but I couldn't, so for me it was $65 well spent. I thought it might be worth posting for anyone who was in the same boat as me and had the money to spend on a nifty idea or maybe you can make your own if you don't want to part with the hard earned. Artie

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    I have been looking for something like this.
    Did you install yours on the driver or passenger side?
    A photo would be great. 🙂
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    • artie22
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      I was going to install it on the driver's side which was the advice I had been given at 4x4 training session but I am left handed and it would be quicker I thought to have it on the passenger side. And there is just one catch to flip up on the frame I have. I also thought that if something happened and I was unable to reach it, it would be easier for my passenger to reach in front of the seat rather than trying to reach under the driver's legs. But it seems it is what ever suits. I'm tempted to get one for either side now. I'll post some photos.

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    4 photos that should give you the idea mrh.


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      that's a clever bit of kit.. thanks for sharing
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        I know its for peace of mind, but in reality, just get out of the car if its on fire. Stay out of the smoke. If the car catches on fire, there is a good chance it will be a write off. And if you extinguish it with a dry chem extinguisher, its a definite write off. Dry chems ruin electronic components and can never be cleaned out of a car 100%

        The main thing is to get away from the smoke, that stuff is full of horrific nasties that will make you very sick over time


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          Another reason not to put it on the drivers side is that if people shorter than you go to drive the car, they can't move the seat forward. Obviously the same reasoning goes for the passengers side, but you don't drive the car from that seat. Mine's in the rear of the car, but I agree with deeman... get out of the car. You & your passengers are more important than the car.

          Something else to think about is if the fire is in the engine bay, most people's thoughts are to pop the bonnet to put out the fire. A word of caution though. When you open the bonnet you immediately let in a rush of oxygen, which will cause the fire to flare up, usually into your face causing burns & your clothes also catching fire.