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  • Auto trans fluid level

    I fitted the Wholesale Automatics trans cooler the other day (no affiliation), 2 days delivery to Perth, great service.
    Very little fluid drained out when I broke the original hose connection and after installation of the cooler I added approx 1100mls of new Toyota fluid.
    The box now seems to be shifting much smoother with little or no flare between 3rd and 4th.
    According to Torque Pro the box is now running around 20 degrees cooler. Next time I tow the van will be the real test.
    Could the original fluid level have been low or is adding 1100mls about right for the new cooler?

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    It would be hard to say but seems common that oil is at a minimum level. They are not really checked when it goes in for a service unless a complaint is made.

    if you get your pan temp between 30 to 40 deg then drop the fluid level plug you should have correct fluid capacity.

    20 deg cooler is what the Scangauge2 says in normal driving conditions. Once ambient temps climb to 30 deg there is about 15deg difference. This was towing too.
    they work great and give that extra assurance for longevity of gearbox. Towing in 4th takes load off gearbox from not pulling in overdrive even though the engine will do it.


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      Does towing in 4th have an effect on fuel consumption? I averaged around 17.5 litres/100kms last time I towed the van. That was doing 95-100kph and in D all the time


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        My van is only 1200 kg and fuel was about 15 to 16 ltrs per hundred.
        4th gives a bit of engine braking too.
        I do drop it into “D” on when on downhill and not wanting engine braking.
        The RPM does sit about 2200 to 2500 but less throttle and it just feels less stress on gearbox. To me overdrive is for cruising not pulling loads, but that’s just me.
        Would be good to hear thoughts of other guys who tow on here.


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          is 5th actually overdrive or is it 1:1 so its a straight through gear and 6th is the overdrive? I'm new the 6 speed transmission


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            4th is 1:1 as such so more chance of converter lock up.
            5th and 6th are actually pretty big overdrive as you can see on the pic from specs. 6th with converter lock up is nearly 2 turns of tail shaft to one engine. Lot of stress on gear set and torque converter if towing a decent load.


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              wow they are a big overdrive I would have to say i think 4th would probably be the best gear to tow as well then