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Who makes the genuine Fortuner bars?

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  • Who makes the genuine Fortuner bars?

    The other day when I was up on Mount Wellington in the Victorian High Country, I came across a photo shoot for the new HiLux models - the Rogue, Rugged and Rugged X. The Rugged model comes with the premium steel bar, and the Rugged X comes with a hoopless steel bar and recovery points.

    The guys doing the photo shoot said that all the bar work is done by a company in Melbourne, so I thought that contacting the company could yield some interesting information on suitable recovery points to suit the premium steel bar.

    If anyone knows the contact details for the manufacturer, I’d be very grateful.

    The photo below is from Car Advice. The guys asked me not to take any close up shots.
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    Just guessing, but its gotta be one of the already established bigger names in the industry, which restricts the field somewhat. And if what you were told is true & they're in Melbourne (or elsewhere in that state), there'd be less of a field to chose from.

    Maybe? contact the Car Advice media / P.R. people to see if they're willing to tell you, but you might have to wait a few weeks til after they do their Media release. The again Mr Toyota may not want that info revealed, preferring to push their products first...


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      A Melbourne company has been chosen by Toyota to supply original-equipment bull bars as dealer-fit accessories for the new HiLux and the Fortuner SUV. That normally wouldn’t be big news, but Abcor, the supplier, is a model for other parts suppliers to follow, as full-scale manufacturing winds down in Australia. A family-owned company, Abcor anticipates …


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        Thanks Dazza. I’ll give them a call.

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        Nice robot too 😁

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      Nice to see an Aussie company doing well in Oz. I hope this never happens, but as with all things, just wondering how long before Mr Toyota puts pressure on Abcor for them to supply bull bars at lower prices, so Toyota can make bigger profits. The only way to achieve that, sadly, will be for Abcor to move operations off-shore to cheaper countries. Hence the reason we no longer have vehicles manufactured in Oz any more!! As people say..... money talks & bull$hit walks! Fingers crossed for Abcor's sake.


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        I think the original manufacturers probably went bankrupt with the amount of rusted bars floating around.