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So, why doesn't Toyota advertise the Fortuner?

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  • So, why doesn't Toyota advertise the Fortuner?

    I put this question to the local Toyota dealership the other day and they didn't have an answer. Really, the Fortuner is a great SUV, so why is it that you don't see advertising like Toyota does for the Prado or the Cruiser or any of their other models? Opinions...

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    I think because Fortuner was planned for 10yr lifecycle. And at this moment they are more keen on marketing Camrys and they have their hands full with the next Corolla, RAV4 and Supra lineup.


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      True. You certainly do see ads for Tuners like when they first came out. In the newspapers its normally HiLux, Prodo, Camry & Corolla you see.

      I don't really remember seeing ads for the Everest back then, but there's been a few on T.V. lately. Maybe the Everest ads will prompt Toyota to reboot their ads.


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        might be a supply issue - Tunas are one of the most popular wagons in Aisa so I suspect they dont want to take too many local sales away from the holy grail they call Prado , which is the same car but can sell for more money. That said they must be making a huge profit on Hiluxes , same car but so much is missing like extra seats , rear aircon , coil springs , etc.

        I was looking at the Everest initially but the faults put me off.
        2016 GX , in White


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          Well, here is the one and only Aussie TV advert for the Fortuner, from Dec 2015.