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Black or Clear Bonnet Protector

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  • Black or Clear Bonnet Protector

    Hello looking at getting a bonnet protector thing for black fortuner, does anyone have a pic of one of the clear or one of the black protectors installed on black fortuner. Cant find any pics online. Thank You!

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    I'm not a fan of the tinted protectors, however since you have a black car, it won't make any difference. For anything other than black, I would have said to definitely get a clear one. Just my opinion.
    No use my posting a picture as my Fortuner is not black.


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      I don't have a black fortuna, but I would choose the clear ones, not for aesthetics reasons, but so I can see what mess hiding in between or rust on clips.


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        If you have a white tuna with the black prem steel bulbar fitted, the black weather strip goes nicely to match the contrast colours and hides the mess under there... You're going to be cleaning under it regularly regardless so may as well make it look good in the interim.

        Whats the actual benefits of having one in the first place? It seems they actually speed up the deterioration of the bonnet lip rather than "protect it" from what ive read????