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  • Rear suspension

    I'm very happy with my new Crusade. Just one thing. When I put my boat ( Barcrusher 5.6 ) trailer on, the rear end drops somewhat. It tows really well tho. I'm wondering about beefing up the rear suspension. I'm a techno/ mechanical moron, but the rear suspension on the Fortuner seems a lot "softer" than my previous 3 dual cabs. Is it quite common to put heavier duty rear suspension on Fortuners??

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    yer mate mine sags a lot when i put all my camping gear in the back. I'm assuming that your 3 previous dual cabs would of had leaf spring suspension in the back which is a lot better for carrying loads then our coil suspension. If the only time you have problems with the back sagging is when you tow your boat then you might want to look into getting air bag suspension added to the back so you can pump them up when your towing the boat and then deflate them for your normal daily driving so that you won't have the rough ride you will get if you fit heavier springs.

    I myself am looking at getting heavier springs and i like old man emu but the heaviest kit they have is 200kg constant load rating. I was wondering if anyone knows of a kit around the 300kg mark that they recommend?


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      Id definatly go with Air bags if its only for the boat you want to stop the back end sagging for other wise you will have a terrible ride when not towing


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        Whether you decide on air bags or rear suspension upgrade, put the boat on the car & have the experts see how it looks & travels on the car, so you / they can decide the best option for you.

        I've the 200 kg OME springs & they don't do the job. ARB don't make thicker, stiffer or longer coils for the Tuner, (I found this out last Friday). I originally went their BP51 (which I believe are 150 kg rated?) set up then loaded the car. Result, rear sag. Then upgraded to the 200 kgs which only resulted in a slight levelling of the rear sag. The back sag is slightly lower compared to the front. Add the recovery, fridge, tent, camping & other necessities & the rear sag is quite noticeable.

        I'd love a better rear spring set up, but am tired of throwing good doe after bad. My mistake was not having the car loaded, then having it assessed for the right suspension upgrade. This is something I never thought of, & nobody told me to think about. Good luck with it


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          Thanks confirmed basically what I was told now I've started looking at the suspension. That is, probably putting air bag suspension kit on for boat towing. That way I don't lose the pleasant ride when not loaded, and can level out car/ boat when towing. Thanks for all your input.....appreciated. Nice to get reassurance that I'm not the only one! Cheers


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            Have u looked at weight distribution hitches.? Couple good vids on YouTube. Sorry wouldn’t let me paste the link. Might be a cheaper alternative.


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              Trailers should have approx. 10% of their weight on the towbar for stable towing.
              The Fortuner only has a max 3000kg tow weight for a manual or 2800kg for an automatic so you would be looking at a max of 280 to 300kg tow ball weight.
              A tow ball weight of approx. 150kg will drop your rear by around 20 - 30mm and is acceptable. This still leaves plenty of spring travel for bumps.
              If you are wondering if your springs have sagged, the gap is measured from the middle of the wheel (axel) to the wheel arch.
              So if your caravan or boat has the max 280-300kg towball weight then you only need an extra 150kg in your springs, not a 200 or 300kg spring set.

              This is why many folks complain about harsh ride when they have upgraded their springs too much.