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  • Relays

    This one is for the electrical gurus. I know that relays are essential for things like your spot lights and compressors etc that draw high loads but i was wondering is it worth having relays on my switches for the small things such as water pump or small awning led lights or is it completely overkill and unnecessary?

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    using a relay is overkill for anything under 10amps.
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      Ok no worries thanks mate


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        everything in cars is run through relays as it allows them to run smaller wires through the dash


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          Agreed, relays are not required for that stuff.

          Perhaps you already know this but just in case...

          *ALWAYS* use a fuse on every circuit, located as close as possible to the battery +ve terminal (power source). Rate the fuse at the most the load will need, and ensure this is lower than the rating of the wire used. E.g. for an LED that chews 2A, maybe use 10A cable (because it's common) and a 3A or 5A fuse. The theory is that if a short circuit occurs (e.g. cable gets crushed against chassis), the fuse will blow long before the wire can start vehicle fire.

          The factory installed accessory fuse box under the bonnet is a great way to do circuits like this.



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            I like to use the narva fuse block as I have the redarc bms and it makes it easy for all my load draw readings