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Uploading / attaching 'word documents' onto the Forum

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  • Uploading / attaching 'word documents' onto the Forum

    Does anyone know if / how we can upload or attach word documents onto the forum. What I'm thinking of are attaching documents like trip notes, itineraries or tutorial notes for servicing or repairs etc.

    We all travel on road, & or off road, where we plan a trip route & itinerary, which includes things like towns you might pass through, the free camps or caravan parks you stop at & for how long, towns you got fuel at, etc.

    For example, "Spook" prepared a tutorial on how to pull apart & clean the DPF. When I tried to print this up, it was almost 40 pages. The space was because when I tried to print it out, each one of Spooks photos appeared on 1 page, then his text etc. After playing around with it, I managed to get that down to 16 single sided pages. I also stored it on a flash drive.

    Ideally, I'd like to upload this onto the Forum, so others can print it out, as well as trip notes & itineraries.

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    why not have a forum dropbox where people can access the documents with ease, and upload there own stuff