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  • Spare tyre

    Wondering if anyone got matching spare wheel with their new fortuner.? Or did it come with the steel rim spare as mine did. Nearly a $60,000 car and can’t get 5 matching wheels. Shame on you Toyota

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    I told dealership, no alloy spare wheel, no sale..........I got my spare alloy wheel !


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      Specifications on website say Steel spare wheels for GX and GXL, and Alloy spare wheel for Crusade.
      2015 GX auto / Genuine steel bull bar, snorkel and tow package / Ultimate suspension / Rhino sliders / BFG KO2s / ORS drawers ...


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        Cheers for that. Guess what I be asking for when I take her in for her 1000km check up. Those specs on Toyota website mrh460.?

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      All good. Just found it. Thanks again
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        Let us know how you go...blatant dodgyness!

        I would however ring before your 1000km service in case there are any issues which you can then raise with the dealer principal at the service.


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          My GX was a demmo model, which the dealer up-specced with 18" alloys well before I got it. Dummy me!! never stuck my head underneath to check if the spare was alloy or steel. I just assumed it was a matching alloy rim. Only found out it was a 17" steel spare a couple of weeks after when I got off road rubber put on & asked for a set of 5. That's when I found out it was wrong size & metal make up.

          I asked the dealer for an alloy spare as it was stupid they sold the car it with 4 x 18" alloys, but a 17" steel spare. Their reply, I'd have to buy a matching 18" alloy as the 17" steel was stock for a GX, which I bought for obvious reasons. This is just one of a few issues I had when I got the car. You can't complain about Toyota's "service"... there is none.


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            How is that even possible?


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              Wasn’t their vehicle to begin with, they only had black and I wanted the pearl. Made the deal on Friday subject to delivery on Monday. Put the pressure on and obviously corners got cut. Will keep you posted on what happens. Asked twice now on accessories price list too, still no answer, not that I really want to give them any more of my coin, just wanted to know. TJM / ARB here I come, In 3 weeks when I finally get home again anyway. Roll on end of the month.