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  • Tyre upgrade

    Has anyone updated there tyres and what brand sizes are u running..

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    Hey Hutch, I replaced the H/Ts on my 18" rims with 265/60R/18s (factory size) BFG KO2s. it's my 4th set of BFGs but I have also run Cooper STMax and would not hesitate to recommend them. They say that hindsight is a wonderful thing but I will not, when the time comes, buy 18" again. You will buy 265/65R/17s plus a set of aftermarket rims for the same cost of 18s. I believe the off road benefits of 17s out way the 18s eg size of foot print due to the higher profile. I choose to run factory diameter to no greater than + 1" to maintain nil to little effect on gearing but that's just my choice and not necessarily the popular choice. I'm sure that other members will give you their preference.


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      Hutch, we have, as of last week fitted Cooper AT3s, at this stage happy. Car rides softer, quieter and geeks more stable tracking straight. I am currently on Fraser Island playing in the sand, 20psi and no issues at all. Wear and wet weather performance will dictate how happy overall I am but so far a reasonably good and priced tyre imho.


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        Should have mentioned 17s and standard size etc...


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          Hi Hutch, with the GX I bought a 17" alloy wheel tyre / BFG KM2 combo but had the muddies fitted to the OEM steelies and am running the OEM tyres on the alloys. The BFG KMs are slight bigger at 265/70/17 but are no problem ... and at some point I'll want to upgrade suspension for trips (which the 2nd set of rims/tyres are for). I've had 2 x BFG muddies and 1 x BFG all terrains before and both have been excellent. In the last 30-40% of their life the muddies are very noisy and the all terrains a nightmare on wet bitumen ... hence the 2 x sets to prolong their life for trips only