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  • Towing mirrors

    I will be towing a van at 2.1m wide, wondering which towing mirrors fit nicely on the Fortuner wing mirrors. Shame Clearview do not do a smaller or cheaper model.

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    From my experience attaching extension mirrors to the existing Fortuner mirrors is a waste of time as the internal return spring inside the existing mirrors is not strong enough to support an extension mirror. A slight gust of wind from say, a passing truck or caravan will cause the mirrors to fold in, which is a nuisance. I use the extension arm mirrors with a strap that clips to the bottom edge of the door, these are very stable and can be adjusted to various lengths. They cost about $65 each. For reference you may need to buy sheepskin seat belt covers (an extra few bucks) to add to the strap on the outside to eliminate wind noise caused by the straps. Alternatively, if you are towing constantly for a long time (years) consider converting your mirrors to those ridiculous looking extension mirrors, they look like big ears and not attractive on a Fortune, a truck maybe.


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      Depends on the length of your van.
      You are required to be able to see the road behind the driver out to a distance of 4 meters from 20 meters behind the vehicle or combination.
      This means you must be able to see right down the side of your van.
      If you get someone to stand behind your van and get them to poke out a finger or two you should be able to see it. If there is any part of the sides your van that you cannot see then you are driving a non compliant vehicle.

      The outside edge of the original manufacturers factory fitted mirrors are deemed to be the width or your vehicle. If your caravan is wider than your vehicle then it is deemed to be the width of your combination.
      No item (including auxiliary mirrors) may protrude more than 150mm wider than the vehicle or combination, however mirrors may extend up to 280mm wider than the vehicle or combination provided they are able to be folded in.
      So, when you are not towing, Clearview type slide out mirrors must be pushed in so they are no wider than 150mm of the original vehicle width because they do not fold.
      Clip-ons must be removed if they do not fold in with your vehicles original mirrors if they are wider than 150mm of the original vehicle width.
      Clipons that do fold in with your original mirrors must be removed if they are more than 280mm wider than the original vehicle width.


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        I've fitted the Clearview mirrors - dead easy to do - but have to admit they are BIG and do obscure the view in some situations (round-abouts occasionally).


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          Do you find that they get in the way when parking?

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          Hi Dazza. No, they don't seem to get in the way when parking - you've just got to be aware of them. I've just finished my first trip towing the caravan and I am thankful I've got the Clearviews on. Did an excellent job and gave me really good vision behind to the traffic and down to the van's wheels.

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        Electric Jockey Wheel. Thought this would be the most appropriate "post" location for this topic.

        Has anyone got or had any experience with electric jockey wheels. Got my used Avan camper & put it into the garage. It's a tight fit & couldn't get it in on my own, & had a mate help me.

        Other than spending heaps widening the garage opening, I thought an electric jockey wheel would greatly help me out.

        If you've used one, which brand & how much did it cost. Comments / thoughts would be appreciated.


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          I need to get door mirrors for towing my camper trailer. I don't want Clearview or similar replacement door mirrors. I prefer the type that attach to the existing door mirror housing, so I can take them off when not towing.

          Anyone suggest a brand / type of attachable mirrors. A mate has Milenco Grand Aero 3 mirrors that he fits to his Cruiser when he's towing. But the Cruiser has squarer shaped mirror housing for these to clip onto, which I think makes for a tighter fit.

          With the Tuner's tapered mirror housing, I was wondering if this may cause a problem in securing the Milenco style of mirror onto the door mirrors. Thoughts / comments ?