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  • Insurance with Club 4x4

    Hi guys

    I have an insurance policy with Club 4X4 and there has been an astronomical increase in premium which they cannot explain. $1100 up to $1690. No claims.

    Those that are with CLub 4X4 have you experienced the same?

    Those that are not with Club 4X4 and go off road, who are you with!?



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    That's interesting! My 4WD club (Georges River Outdoor & Recreational Club - GRORC for short) is going through the process of having their portal link installed onto our web-site. One of our more experienced guys is checking over their terms as I reply to you.... Might have to mention this to the club President. $500 increase with no claims seems pretty steep.

    Personally I'm with the NRMA & also have that breakdown away from home thing they also offer. I'm a bit reluctant to move, plus I have home insurance with them which ends up a bit cheaper cause its all with the one mob. Its likely the wrong way to think, but better the devil you know?

    We did have a Club 4x4 insurance guy attend a meeting & discuss their policy, which on face value did sound better than what other insurers will cover & do for you. Be keen to hear other comments too.


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      Yes worth mentioning. The rep did allude they entered the market with great policy coverage at a low price compared to other offerings. Now they are playing catch up on the premiums. They wouldn't budge on price for me unless I increased my excess. Not happy and am shopping around now. Will check NRMA.

      Oh they also have this Policy Fee of $66 every year. They couldn't explain that either. If you're with a 4X4 club, you want that waived and a good discount on the policy for members!

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    Josh; I've let the Club President know. Apparently if they put their portal link onto our Club's web-site, whoever takes up a policy via the portal will get a 5% discount on their policy. I haven't really gone into it, but it doesn't seem worthy it... an increase of $590 for you plus $66 a year on top.???

    Seems like we're better off driving a little more carefully when off-road, & maybe spending a little more on preventative measures to minimise the chance of any bad problems happening to the cars or us.

    Good luck with what you decide & who you insure with.


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      wow that is huge , well beyond normal i think. I suspect a lot of fourbie drivers who write off expensive cars in remote areas have a lot to do with that increase.

      I am with Suncorp , aged fiftybloodythree , live in a QLD regional area , drive <20k per annum , 60% NCB and the Tuna is $603 per annum.
      2016 GX , in White


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        i am mid 25 and I'm with youi. i pay $996 per annum. Im not exactly sure on what their off road cover is like. I was considering on getting a quote from club 4x4 as I'm going to the tip in a few months. But i think i will just look into yogi's off road policy first


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          Who is Club 4x4 linked to? I've been bombarded with emails thanking me for my interest & policy quote & signing up to their newsletter but I've never heard or signed up to anything of theirs?


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            "Apparently" Club 4 x 4 is an agent of Hollard Insurance, a company that started in Australia in 1999 and appears to be originally started in South Africa, but don't hold me to this.