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  • Distance To Empty Readings

    Has anyone else noticed that the distance to empty displayed on the trip computer isn't very accurate once you start to get low on fuel?
    A couple times my distance to empty has displayed less than 10km only to find that I still have around 9 litres in the tank when filling up.
    Maybe this will improve the more I drive the car??

    Would be interested to here if anyone else is observing the same.



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    Hi Ralf, yes, I think those "distance to empty" are set somewhat conservatively but don't forget that diesel can expand by up to 10% (depending on temperature, fill rate extra). That is, even on empty you may only be able to put 72-74 litres into an 80 litre tank quickly. By letting it settle you can normally squeeze in another 3-5 litres. But in 30 years of driving diesels I have never managed to "fill" a tank. cheers Geoff


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      Hi Geoff,
      I had no idea about the expansion rate.
      Will keep an eye on it.

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    Its annoying. Fill the tank and it still displays 680 to empty regardless of the fact i go well past that every fill. And that is full to the point i can see diesel half way up the filler neck


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      Mmm, Deeman do you reset the trip meter? Mine said 680kms on the first tank. But It has said 820-830kms pretty consistently since then - but I reset the trip meter each fill. I don't know how much if left when I get to less than 20-30kms "distance to empty" - when the fuel light comes on? But at 800kms from the tank I reckon it is less than 10 litres and possibly as little as 5 litres ...


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        Yep reset the trip meter, and the average fuel consumption etc on the dash screen


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          I get to 6 km to empty, and i manage to put 72 litres to full tank. Your distance to empty depends from Your setting average fuel consumption. I reckon by default is set up 10 l, i have changed to 9 l


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            I think u will find that is typical Toyota, my Prado would say 0 to empty and I would still get no more than 140L into a 150L tank..