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GPS logic in Crusade

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  • GPS logic in Crusade

    Does anyone know how to get deep into the settings to allow setting a destination while on the move, nanna toyota apparently does not believe passengers can or should be allowed to use the unit. Who is going to stop just to set a destination or like me just take a punt, what seemed like a nice unit is just an expensive radio for me.

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    This is my favourite subject to moan about at least when it comes to the Prado multimedia, although I guess that the Fortuner is much the same? I have posted many rants on the Prado forum complaining of out of date ridiculously expensive maps and of course the units being so locked down as to be almost useless.
    The Prado unit gets it's information about whether the vehicle is moving or not from the handbrake. You would think it would be easy to fool it into thinking that the handbrake is on but not so as then the GPS thinks the vehicle is stopped and becomes inaccurate.
    I gave up with the unit Toyota forces on their customers, (they wont allow Android Auto or Apple car play in their vehicles), and went for a 10 inch screen android unit. This will do everything you need.


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      There is no logic to the Toyota GPS. Unfortunately there is no setting to do this and your unit is redundant as soon as the wheels move. The system is flawed and totally useless when on the move and you want to interact in any way with the system.


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        I'm sure I was able to set a destination while on the move last week - as long as the address is already in the system (previous destination).

        It won't let you type in a new address while moving. Not sure if this helps anyone or not.