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UHF / CB Radio installation

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  • UHF / CB Radio installation

    The search function has not worked for me:
    I remember reading and looking at some pictures of a UHF Radio installation located underneath the centre console (so that you could not see the radio at all once console re-assembled).

    This set up had a plug for the hand unit to plug in to, used for turning the unit on and off and all functions. I also think from memory it was some model of GME UHF Radio.

    Could that person direct me to the post and if anyone else has a good UHF CB Radio installation that does not involve drilling into consoles etc, could you please share some pictures and explanation of both your install and model of UHF Radio.

    I have not purchased a UHF Radio as yet but want one with controls and speaker on hand piece, open to suggestions please. I want a decent (maximum available) range from it once installed. (I had a Uniden in my previous Hilux and it was only good for about 1 km, I want an improvement).


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    Mine's not mounted under the console, but the installation involved no drilling.
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