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Fortuner suitable for a 3 kids family ?

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  • Fortuner suitable for a 3 kids family ?

    Dear Fortuner Community,
    I write from Europe where this model doesn’t exist…
    My family of 2 adults plus 3 kids (5 + 5 + 7 years old) are planning a trip of 3000km in Australia... As we are a family of 5, finding a car that can welcome us isn’t easy (except a big van) and we are considering a Fortuner for it’s 4x4 capability and inner space. Before confirming this model, I still need information about the 2nd row seats. Is it OK for 3 kids with child restraint? Some of you have already tried this configuration? We will take 3 restraint from Europe that are 43 cm large in order to avoid larger restraint hired from a car hire company.
    Although the inner size of the 2nr row seems to be around 140cm (data found online) and thus would be enough for our 3x43 cm necessity, I would like to have some real-life users before going further with the reservation.
    Thanks a lot for your comment and response!

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    I have a child restraint for my 6 yr old grandson, which then limits 'comfortable' space for to only 1 extra person. My daughter is small & when she sits beside him in the 2nd row, there's no space left for much else. 3 kids in the 2nd row will be tight.

    I live in New South Wales so if you travel in this state, your 7 yr old doesn't need to sit in a child's restraint seat, but the 2 x 5 yr olds must be in approved child car seats.

    Remember you also need to carry things in the car as well. Are you camping or towing a caravan? If you are, you can put food, clothes, toys etc in it, to free up space in the car.

    For size & comfort, I'd look at a Prado. Slightly larger car giving more internal space for the kids & carrying things. Its larger fuel tank gives you greater travelling distance, especially if you're doing for 4x4 travelling. The later models have the same engine & gear box as the Fortuner.


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      I'd agree with Anthony, Prado or Landcruiser. Also get a diesel for touring range.
      The Fortuner is better suited to a couple or 1 kid. You don't want to be pushing the vehicle to it's weight limit.
      So with that in mind Landcruiser 1, Prado 2 Fortuner 3.


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        You'd be surprised just how the Fortuner compares to both the Land Cruiser 200 series and Prado on payload. This is an older article but if you scroll to the end you'll see the vehicle comparison.
        I won't spoil the surprise.


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          My wife and I bought a fortuner because we had a 3rd on the way. She is now 13months and there is room for all of us and gear. It's a tight squeeze for longer trips but doable.