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    I am a Prado owner and joined this forum some time ago as our vehicles share the same engine and possibly other components as well.
    Now I must be very careful in what I post about another forum as doing so may well be breaking the rules, but I hope I can get away with asking if this forum's owners have ever considered making it a Fortuner and Prado forum?
    I ask because for months now the forum that I am talking about has been faulty, many things that work properly on here and members take for granted have not worked. A couple of days ago this other forum stopped working altogether, pleas to their admin to fix the problems and offers of help both financial and technical are ignored.
    This seems such a shame as like your Fortuner forum there are many knowledgeable and helpful members who can benefit all members by sharing information and knowledge.
    @ fortuner forum admin please delete this post if you feel it is out of order and against your rules.

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    I'd second that, this site is great

    but I'm sure they don't want it turing out like PP