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Curious question.....

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  • Curious question.....

    Im curious as to the keyless entry and keyless start...
    Can you have accessories on without the car started? If so... How??

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    press button without foot on brake


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      Cheers lufkin...... We get the car in a week or two so trying to be prepared -the sales person didnt know how to do it!! Lol.


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        With your foot off the brake the first press will turn on accessories for a limited amount of time (I haven't tested it but I've been told 15 minutes), the second press is the same as turning the car to ON with a normal key, and again time limited, 3rd press will turn it off again.

        If you want to leave your stereo running once you pull up somewhere, leave the car in gear when you turn it off and then move into park (assuming you have an auto).

        I've been told by my local dealer that the accessories on time cannot be adjusted, not sure I believe them though.