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Toyota Australia announces 5-year warranty

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  • Toyota Australia announces 5-year warranty

    Interesting, this should really be for all sold since 2015.

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    "It’s not about following the pack … it’s responding to the needs of consumers,” said Toyota Australia sales and marketing boss Sean Hanley.
    "Our customers can tell you that we’ve always looked after them and now we have formalised this."

    Do they employ the same spin doctor firm as the politicians? will we get an up to date map in a new vehicle as well?


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      Interesting reading. Especially the bit about free towing or money back..... Wonder if they'd pay for a tow back to Birdsville if you broke down in the Simpson. Last I heard that sort of towing cost around $1600. Then who pays for additional accommodation if you're stuck in a remote place waiting for parts, or then getting it towed from Birdsville to a town with a Toyota dealer. The possible situations are endless.

      I'm cynical at the best of times, but the first rule with anything costly, especially if there's lots of them (e.g DPFs / gear boxes) to be paid by a firm or insurance company is "how can we avoid paying for it & blaming someone or something else". I had a 3.0lt GU Patrol that was nick-named the hand-grenade because the engine was known to blow up, with bits going sideways & putting a hole in the cylinder block. I'm yet to hear of Nissan accepting the car had a problem!

      As with everything, read the fine print & get any assurances in writing.


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        I wouldnt trust them as far as i can kick them. When my tuna split a heater hose 10klm from home the dealer refused to pay for a $70 tow 4klm back to thier workshop. They even asked me what work i had done to the car recently which could have caused the hose to fail !! I said , well i have not touched it myself , but the car was here a month ago to have the timing chains replaced , under warranty , does that count??? They ended up paying the tow fee but it wasnt a smooth process.

        A 5 year warranty is not much to ask if the car is as good as they claim. Even our Triton came with a 5 year warranty and it was only a $31k purchase.
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